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2015-2016 Mini Grant Winners and NEW classroom supplies

Since 2011, SEPTA has raised funds for Stafford County Public School Special Education teachers and special needs service providers. Below is a listing of all 2015-2016 winners and some pictures as to how the mini grant funds are being utilized for our kids.

Parent Resource Center
Eileen Edwards – Rock Hill Elementary School
Synthia Fairley – Ferry Farm Elementary School
Britanny Scott – Rock Hill Elementary School
Ellen Konicki – Rock Hill Elementary School
Elizabeth Wimmer – Margaret Brent Elementary School
Kristen Willets – Shirley Heim Middle School
Elyce Sikora – Rodney E. Thompson Middle School
Jennifer Weinfeld – Stafford Elementary School
Rebecca “Maggie” Doremus – North Stafford High School
Melanie Hughes – Headstart Program (Preschool)
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We Did It! SEPTA Donated14 iPads to SCPS on November 3, 2014

On November 3rd, 2014, SEPTA awarded 14 iPad Minis to Stafford County Public School (SCPS) Special Education (SPED) teachers. Our organization raised almost 3K for technology to benefit special needs children in SCPS SPED programs. Our PTA determined this goal by surveying over 140 SPED teachers & staff in collaboration with Student Services in the Spring of 2014.

SEPTA’s Music Benefit Drove the Fundraising!

We held our 1st Music Benefit on June 5th, 2014 and continued to raise funds right before the awards! So we went from thinking we’d only be able to donate 11 iPads to 14! Below are pictures from the awards event. Each teacher not only received iPad Minis but also received teacher appreciation certificates and iPad Mini cases.

The Application Process

The SPED teachers were among 45 applicants who applied through an internal application process driven by a Stafford County Public Schools Student Services committee. Based upon the ranking and rating of the applicants, seventeen SPED teachers (3 of which co-teach a classroom) were selected as recipients of the iPad minis. Thirteen of the seventeen awardees attended the event and briefly stated how they would utilize the technology to assist their special needs students in the classroom. SEPTA will follow up with these teachers to see how the technology has improved the classroom experience.

The following organizations/individuals donated to the fund:

  1. Carrie Fleming, Fleming Therapy Services
  2. Aquia Evening Lions
  3. Host Lions
  4. Ozzy Ramos, Home of Miracles and Embraces
  5. Leslie Wilkinson
  6. Rona Whinsleton
  7. Ronald Fetherson
  8. Mike Shepherd

We started the fundraiser online and sold over $350 in raffle tickets! We also received a few cash donations at the event! Over 40 local merchants donated gifts towards Raffle drawings during the Music Benefit.

We are very proud of our SEPTA and this big accomplishment.