Stafford County SEPTA Plans Music Benefit for June 2014

Music BenefitWe are ramping up on the planning of our FIRST Music Benefit with proceeds going to Stafford County Public Schools (SCPS) special education programs!  We are planning this for June 2014, and need you help organizing and spreading the word!

Up for consideration and planning:

  1. The Venue
    • Possibilities include: the Before and After Cafe in the Amyclae shopping center; Paddy’s; or somewhere onsite SCPS
  2. The Fundraising Goal
    • We have a short survey for teachers and admins in the process of getting circulated that asks what the greatest needs for special education in SCPS are so we can determine our fundraising goal.  We are closing this survey on March 31, 2014, and are hoping to get as many responses as possible.  Please share with your child’s teacher(s)!
  3. Performances
    • Local bands/vocalists to volunteer their time to perform
    • Possible Karaoke contest to take place
  4. Donations from local businesses
    • We need volunteers to get donations from local businesses like Panera, Target, Walmart, etc. for raffle/door prizes
  5. Sponsorships/Corporate Sponsorships
    • Connection for a corporate sponsor and secure a corporate sponsor or two
  6. More Volunteers
    • Promote the event online (Facebook, Send invitations, evite, Facebook Event, Google Event setup, inviting by ANY means)
    • Promote the event offline (Coffee Shop, CiCi’s, Panera, Library, and Grocery Store Bulletin Boards, Submit Flyers to SCPS to disseminate)
    • Secure the band(s)
    • Secure the venue and confirm date/time
    • Send Press release to the local papers
    • Raffle prize coordinator

As you can see, there is tons to be done, and we need YOUR help to get this going!  Please reach out to Angela Lundy, Music Benefit Chair via Facebook to volunteer!

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